Building A Better World Together

At New Life Home Trust, we have always been 100% donor supported. Over the years, people from all over the world who have learned about our mission have thought of creative ways to raise money or gather items that we need – from bead parties in the US or bake sales in the UK to donating a percentage of their retail profit from the Netherlands. In Kenya, generous neighbours and well-wishers have continually brought diapers, clothing, and food from their gardens to our Homes to help provide for rescued infants. Some Good Samaritans have even come to the rescue of an abandoned infant, digging them out of a pit latrine or contacting the Children’s Office.

Every bit of support matters. It’s something our staff members witness daily: all of the seemingly small things that our kind neighbours have to offer – the shared garden abundances, warm smiles, and even the social media shares – add up. We literally couldn’t do this without YOU!

All of this means two things:

For starters, we are grateful for our volunteers from near and far who help us rescue infants and offer them another chance at life in a myriad of ways.

Secondly, we can always use your help. Sharing our story with our friends in the UK and encouraging them to donate just £10 a month is a great starting place. You can share our social media posts, or print off resources from our website. Or perhaps you’re interested in visiting Kenya for yourself. If you have a creative way you think you could help – we’d love to hear that too! Let’s build a better and safer world together starting today.

Get involved this 2019.

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A Place of Hope

Did you know that New Life Home Trust was one of the first children’s homes in Kenya to take in infants infected or affected by HIV and AIDS?

When New Life Home Trust began over two decades ago, it was just a small group of concerned people wanting to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable infants and, in particular, in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In the early 1990s, seroconversion was a fairly unheard of concept. Hospitals were overwhelmed by the number of infants impacted by the disease and had little hope for their survival. Many abandoned infants who initially tested HIV-positive wound up dying from malnourishment, much too early for seroconversion to take place. Many had parents who passed away from the complications of AIDS, leaving their children as orphans.

It was a season of despair that brought people together seeking solutions. New Life Home Trust created a modest solution – a sanctuary for abandoned infants infected or affected by the crisis. As New Life staff took infants into their care, they began to notice that many of the babies who came in HIV-positive ended up testing negative for the virus after just a few months. New Life infants experienced a conversion rate of at least 80%. This incidence baffled even the medical community at the time to the extent that the Kenya Institute of Medical Research (KEMRI) conducted a study to test the phenomenon and concluded that it was actually true.

Almost 25 years later, we have witnessed the fruit of our labour with nearly every child reunited with biological family members or adopted or fostered by loving parents, and a 90% seroconversion rate amongst infected infants. What an incredible opportunity we have had to be a place of hope amidst a time of despair. As Desmond Tutu once said: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Your continued support helps us save the lives of the most vulnerable and continue to be that light for abandoned infants. Please consider donating this month to support our life-saving work.

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