Interested in running a fundraising event for the work of New Life Homes Trust? Our work is only possible because of your generosity, compassion and inspiring enthusiasm. The money you raise will help to transform the lives of children in Kenya.

Here are some fundraising top tips and ideas to get you started:

Step 1: Choose your event
  • You can do absolutely anything to raise funds for New Life Home Trust, from organising a sponsored run to hosting a dinner party.
  • If you need some inspiration or ideas, drop us an email.
Step 2: Choose a location and date
  • Planning your event can take time, so the earlier you can start, the better! Think about a date early on in the planning process.
  • Do you need a venue? Your home or church hall could be perfect!
Step 3: Ask for help
  • Don’t be shy to ask friends and family. Once you have your team of volunteers, give everyone a specific task so that you aren’t doing everything yourself.
  • Approach local businesses for raffle prizes or donations. You could offer them some free publicity in return.
  • Check out our resources page for downloads that could help you to plan or prepare for your event.
Step 4: Set a target
  • Decide how much you want to raise and keep this in mind for the planning phase.
  • Think about how you can hit your target. If it’s a quiz or concert that you are running, you might want to sell tickets in advance, or hold a raffle on the night to raise funds.
  • Keep track of the money coming in and out to make sure you aren’t spending more than you will make.

You can set up an online fundraising page for New Life Home Trust via Give as you Live.

Step 5: Get the word out
  • Once your plans are in place, spread the word. The more people know about your fundraising, the more money you can raise!
  • Promotional ideas:  Spread the word via local networks i.e. your church, school, workplace; Create posters (or download from our resources page) to put up in local shops; Contact your local newspaper or radio station; Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share with friends and family; Contact us and we’ll share your event on the website and in the monthly New Life News emails.
Step 6: Make your event safe
  • Make sure your event is both legal and safe. There are rules and regulations about hosting public events, many of which can be found in an easy to follow list online. Things to think about include: How you will collect cash; Will you be selling food?; Are you holding a raffle?; Will you need a risk assessment?; Do you need insurance?; Will you need a first aider?; Are you expecting a lot of people?
Step 7: Have fun!
  • Be sure to take lots of photos of your event and send them to us so we can feature your event!
Step 8: Get the funds to us

If you would like to sign up to receive email communications related to fundraising for New Life Home Trust, click here.