New Life Home Trust have been changing the lives of children in Kenya since 1994 when founders Clive and Mary Beckenham began the outworking of their vision; to establish a home to care for sick, abandoned babies.

Since then New Life Home Trust has grown and grown. With generous partners in countries across the world donating money to support the homes and their baby residents, New Life Home Trust has gone from strength to strength.

We’re always looking for new supporters to get involved with sponsorship, volunteering and fundraising so that many more children in Kenya can be rescued, cared for and given a hope for their future.

Many of the babies that come to New Life Home Trust are rescued from the slums, abandoned or taken into our care for safety. These babies are given the food, medicine, clothes, love, attention and toys that they need to thrive and are cared for until they can be adopted or re-united with their biological family.

So far over 2,500 babies’ lives have been changed thanks to our work!

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Babies admitted
Adopted or Fostered
Re-united with Family
Children in Residence

There are multiple ways you can get involved with the work of New Life Home Trust UK:

  • Donate via standing order
  • Start a fundraising campaign
  • Become a volunteer
  • Share our story with friends
  • Make a one-off payment
  • Invite us to speak at your church/ school
Make A Donation

85% of the money raised in the UK goes straight to our homes in Kenya. The other 15% is used to cover administration costs of the charity.

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