We want each baby in our homes to feel loved and to have the best possible chance for a new life. Saving and transforming a baby’s life is costly and so our sponsors’ help is invaluable.

When you sponsor a cot, it allows us to keep cots open for many, many abandoned babies.
Your donations help to cover the costs of:

180 Nappies per baby a month (over 23000 nappies!)
130 cots available for abandoned babies available across Kenya.
210 bottles of milk a month for each baby (over 27000 altogether!)
Over a ton of baby clothes washed and dried each month, by hand, for all the babies.
Each baby will be fed, cuddled and soothed thousands of times by the carers and volunteers.
Doctors will be called and medicine paid for and given to any baby who needs it.
The guards at the gate will keep each baby safe day & night.

New Life Home Trust is recognised by the Kenyan Government as a centre of excellence and strives to show best practice in the care for the children.
We want the children to feel completely loved and given the opportunity to fulfil their potential in life.

It costs about £400 a month to care for each baby in one of their four homes around Kenya.  Many of our sponsors help us by committing to donating around £20 a month.
Each sponsor receives updates twice a year and becomes part of changing a child’s life for the better.

If you are specifically interested in our Sponsor A Cot scheme, you can download a copy of our leaflet here or email us to express your interest.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate to the general work of New Life Home Trust, you can set up a direct debit or make a one-off payment via the link below.

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