A long awaited return to school 

In January this year all the schools in Kenya were given the green light to open. After 9 months of home schooling for the 37 school aged children in our care they were very pleased to return, as were the staff!

The kids have settled back well into school life and we are seeing good results from those who have sat their mid-term exams, at the end of February. They have all now finished their first term back at school and are ready to enjoy the Easter holidays.

Education is an important part of a child’s life and at New Life Home Trust we ensure that all our children are given the chance at an education. Whether that is through attending a school, or for those with severe special needs we teach them at the home in Kisumu – Amani Cottage. Find out more about what happens at Amani Cottage by reading some of our other blogs from supporters who have visited the home.

Early learners

It is not just the school aged children who receive an education – all the pre-schoolers and toddlers are given the opportunity to start learning. They are given opportunities to explore their environment engaging in outdoor play, learning to take turns while using balls, sit n ride toys, swings and an all time favourite – water play. Indoors they enjoy building with bricks and exploring toys like shape sorters while learning about colours, shapes and counting. Staff share stories, sing songs and rhymes which helps these little ones in developing early learning skills giving them a good foundation for starting school.


Further Education

For those children who are now young adults and remaining in our care opportunities for further education or work based apprenticeship are sourced. Currently 2 of the young adults, who were rescued by New Life Home Trust as babies are now at University.

The costs of an education in Kenya

Of course providing an education comes with associated costs, see below for an idea. You can help provide our children with an education through the children sponsorship programme find out more.

Average costs

  • University £1000 per term
  • High School £660 per year
  • Primary School £360 per year
  • Pre-primary £240 per year
  • Home schooling special needs and toddlers £390 per year
  • Special education school £295 per year