Building A Better World Together

At New Life Home Trust, we have always been 100% donor supported. Over the years, people from all over the world who have learned about our mission have thought of creative ways to raise money or gather items that we need – from bead parties in the US or bake sales in the UK to donating a percentage of their retail profit from the Netherlands. In Kenya, generous neighbours and well-wishers have continually brought diapers, clothing, and food from their gardens to our Homes to help provide for rescued infants. Some Good Samaritans have even come to the rescue of an abandoned infant, digging them out of a pit latrine or contacting the Children’s Office.

Every bit of support matters. It’s something our staff members witness daily: all of the seemingly small things that our kind neighbours have to offer – the shared garden abundances, warm smiles, and even the social media shares – add up. We literally couldn’t do this without YOU!

All of this means two things:

For starters, we are grateful for our volunteers from near and far who help us rescue infants and offer them another chance at life in a myriad of ways.

Secondly, we can always use your help. Sharing our story with our friends in the UK and encouraging them to donate just £10 a month is a great starting place. You can share our social media posts, or print off resources from our website. Or perhaps you’re interested in visiting Kenya for yourself. If you have a creative way you think you could help – we’d love to hear that too! Let’s build a better and safer world together starting today.

Get involved this 2019.

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A Place of Hope

Did you know that New Life Home Trust was one of the first children’s homes in Kenya to take in infants infected or affected by HIV and AIDS?

When New Life Home Trust began over two decades ago, it was just a small group of concerned people wanting to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable infants and, in particular, in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In the early 1990s, seroconversion was a fairly unheard of concept. Hospitals were overwhelmed by the number of infants impacted by the disease and had little hope for their survival. Many abandoned infants who initially tested HIV-positive wound up dying from malnourishment, much too early for seroconversion to take place. Many had parents who passed away from the complications of AIDS, leaving their children as orphans.

It was a season of despair that brought people together seeking solutions. New Life Home Trust created a modest solution – a sanctuary for abandoned infants infected or affected by the crisis. As New Life staff took infants into their care, they began to notice that many of the babies who came in HIV-positive ended up testing negative for the virus after just a few months. New Life infants experienced a conversion rate of at least 80%. This incidence baffled even the medical community at the time to the extent that the Kenya Institute of Medical Research (KEMRI) conducted a study to test the phenomenon and concluded that it was actually true.

Almost 25 years later, we have witnessed the fruit of our labour with nearly every child reunited with biological family members or adopted or fostered by loving parents, and a 90% seroconversion rate amongst infected infants. What an incredible opportunity we have had to be a place of hope amidst a time of despair. As Desmond Tutu once said: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Your continued support helps us save the lives of the most vulnerable and continue to be that light for abandoned infants. Please consider donating this month to support our life-saving work.

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Christmas Cards

Would you like to make a difference this Christmas? It may seem far too early to be even thinking about it, however, it is never too early to help to change the lives of abandoned children. This year, we are delighted to announce that we will be selling angelic Christmas cards to support the work of  New Life Home Trust. Proceeds from the cards will go directly to the charity to support babies and children.

New Life Home Trust love and care for each child that comes through our doors, our staff adore the children and see them all as little angels. Therefore, our Christmas cards have been hand illustrated to represent the angels that we see every day in our homes.

Cards cost just £3.50 for a pack of 10 cards. We are in the process of setting up an online ‘shop’ section of our website that will allow you to purchase these cards online.

In the meantime, we would love for you to contact us if you would like to place a bulk order to then sell at your church, school, hobby group or workplace. Paint Pots Nurseries in Southampton have had great success with this. Please email and CC in for us to arrange this.

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Spare Change September – Fundraising campaign

This September we’ve created a fun campaign for you to try out with your work colleagues, friends, weekly groups or at home.

Ever find you’re carrying around lots of loose change?

Print off our Spare Change September poster, find a money box, jar or container, and encourage everyone to empty their (heavy) pockets for the support of New Life Home Trust. 

Whether you keep it by your front door at home, take it to your local club (Girl Guides, Swimming club, Church fate, Slimming World etc.) or have it in the workplace, this campaign is not only a great way to raise some extra pennies for us, but it’s a good way to spread awareness and get people talking.

See someone eyeing up the poster? Go over and chat to them about the work of New Life and share how they could get involved.

Don’t carry cash? That doesn’t mean you can’t contribute.

Share a link to our Virgin Money Giving page with your office, family Whatsapp group or friends on Facebook and remember our 250 for £10 campaign where we’re trying to find 250 new donors in 2018 to give £10 per month – the equivalent of a couple coffees, a cinema ticket or a few rides on the bus (charitable and good for the environment!).

As you collect spare change, share your images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #SpareChangeSeptember and #NewLifeHomeTrustUK.

If you’re looking for other printable resources or fundraising inspiration, take a look at our Resources page.

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Time to ‘get social’ – Share your fundraising snaps for New Life

Technology can be a beautiful thing. It enables us to receive wonderful pictures from Kenya of the lovely boys and girls in our care. Not only that, but it can allow us to support one another, share stories, impact our friends and bring about positive change.

As you may have seen, we’re running our 250 for £10 campaign to encourage existing donors to invite just one friend to partner with us for £10 a month. That could simply mean replacing your weekly Starbucks. A great way to share this campaign is on social media with your friends and family.

In the past year, New Life Home Trust UK has set up social media accounts as a way to ‘get social’ and we’d love for you to get involved. On our social channels, we share pictures, updates and fundraising inspiration, alongside stories of hope and joy. In addition, you can also sign up to receive a monthly update via email here.

This past month, we’ve created a new Facebook group (alongside our existing Facebook page) for donors to connect with one another, collaborate on fundraising ideas, share pictures and stories and work together to support our work. We’d love for you to join the discussion.

Over on Instagram, it’s been lovely to see your fundraising efforts! Tag us in your photos using @newlifehome_uk  or use the hashtags #newlifehometrust and #NewLifeHomeTrustUK.

Thank you once again for your support.


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The importance of family – a response to J. K. Rowling

As an organisation who has proudly supported the rescue of abandoned children across Kenya for over two decades, New Life Home Trust UK felt a responsibility to respond to recent articles about J.K. Rowling’s criticism of children’s orphanages and volunteer travel.

First and foremost, New Life Home Trust was set up to care for abandoned babies until they could be reunited with biological family, or placed in a loving adoptive family. On account, many of the children in our care are not orphans, we simply do not know who or where their parents are. Our goal is to place all children in families as soon as it is safely possible.

As a charity, we value family – something we wish for all the children in our care. Our rescue centres ensure the children are continually cared for whilst on the search for a forever home.

Most of our babies in our care are released to adoptive families within the first 1-3 years of their lives.  We are therefore primarily offering temporary refuge while a satisfactory (non-institutional), long-term solution is found.

It is only when all family options have been exhausted, that children stay with us long-term. Nearly all of the older children in our care are classified as having health issues (HIV or disabilities), which means they cannot easily be placed in families – but our hope for family still remains.

We would like to emphasise that New Life Home Trust is NOT the kind of children’s home J. K. Rowling and others have in mind. We do not keep children unnecessarily and, where possible, try to arrange reunion with their own biological family. We agree that long-term institutionalisation of children should be avoided – looking instead to a family model.

In regards to our international volunteers, our volunteers are culturally-aware people hoping to make a real difference in our homes. Many of our volunteers visit Kenya for a specific purpose – whether it is to administer healthcare training, help to teach staff, carry out repair works, work on sustainability projects, or help to be a temporary family to the babies until their forever home is found.

Over our 20+ years, we have not only rescued over 1,800 babies, but we have placed over 1,500 of these babies into a family. 

We couldn’t do it without the support of our donors, staff, supporters and volunteers. So once again we say a huge ‘thank you!’


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Rebekah’s Bake Sale for New Life

Here at New Life, we love hearing stories of how our supporters in the UK have been raising funds for our vital life-saving work in Kenya. We asked Rebekah McKean to share her experience of running a fundraiser event at her school with her friend Jess:

“My name’s Rebekah McKean and I’m 16, living in Scotland.

I found out about New Life Homes from family friends. Guy and Susanna Bastable have known Clive and Mary (the founders of New Life) since the 1970s. In 2003, their daughter Lauren spent three months of her gap year volunteering and working with the babies at New Life’s Nairobi home. She fell in love with a 3-month-old baby who is now one of Guy and Susanna’s two adopted sons – Levi and Gerro. Levi was in my class at school for several years. In 2010, the family moved back to Nairobi to help out with the charity and their amazing work full time.

A friend and I decided to raise money for New Life Homes because we knew of the incredible work that the charity does, and saw firsthand the wonderful life that it could give vulnerable babies from all over Kenya. I know that Levi and Gerro wouldn’t be in the place they are today if it wasn’t for the charity. We held a small vote during the Methlick Church’s coffee afternoon because we wanted to support a charity that the community was behind. The local support for New Life Homes was evident, so much so that the votes overwhelmed those of any of the other charities we were considering.

We then decided that a bake sale at school would be the most effective fundraising method. We made several different types of cookies and cupcakes, along with a few other things. We got permission from the head teacher to set up a stand at school, during lunch. We also put up a sign outlining the work of the charity, so that people would be able to see what a worthy cause their money was going to. It was quite successful, and we raised a fair amount.

To New Life Homes: thank you for the amazing work that you do.”

Rebekah’s friend Jess also shared her experience: “We decided that the best way to reach out to people was through their stomachs! We spend several nights after school baking (and taste testing) all of our treats. For us, it was important to promote the charity to more of our young people who wanted to help other, less privileged kids. We loved holding the bake sale and we hope that the money we raised will make a difference.”

If you would like to run your own Bake Sale for New Life, we have our very own New Life Bake Sale Poster that you can download and customise for your own event date and time.

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Become a New Life donor as part of our ‘250 for 10’ campaign

This month we are kickstarting a new marketing campaign with the goal to gain 250 new donors who are willing to donate £10 a month. This way we can support our partner charity, New Life Home Trust Kenya, who rescue and care for abandoned babies. Donors are the heart of our charity and we could not be without them. Could you become one?

Your money will go towards our four homes located in Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyeri. Over the last 20 years, 1,700 babies have been rescued by the charity with the majority having been adopted; 164 of which, were reunited with their biological families. The love and care these babies receive is only possible because of money already donated by lovely people like you. It costs around £400 a month to care for each baby in one of the four homes located in Kenya.

New Life Donor - New Life Home Trust UK

You may think that £10 a month is a lot to donate. However, by simply giving up say three coffee’s a month or maybe skipping a trip to the cinema, you can potentially save a child’s life. A simple, small gesture can make a huge difference.

If we are able to secure 250 new donors, that will bring an additional £30,000 into our charity each year, which goes a long way toward supporting our work. With an extra £30,000, we can provide the love, care and resources required for six or more babies and children to stay in our homes for a whole year. A small amount from a large number of people really does go a long way.

If you already donate to us then thank you, but why don’t you invite a friend to join the movement? It will be a great way to increase the New Life Home Trust’s awareness and provide children with a safe place to call home.

Head over to our Virgin Money Giving page to give your donation or read more about what we do on our about page.

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Gail visits New Life in Nairobi

Each year people from the UK fly out to Kenya to visit New Life Homes. Often we hear stories of how these trips are truly inspiring and life-changing.

Gail Brechin has recently returned from her visit to our Nairobi home and we got in touch with her to share her experience from the trip. Here’s what Gail had to say:

I’ve recently returned from a month at New Life Home in Nairobi.  

This is the eighth time I have been with each trip being different from the previous one.

When I arrive, it’s like putting on a comfy pair of slippers as I meet with members of staff I have known for quite a number of years.  I keep turning up!

When I was there I saw children welcomed into New Life Homes and as they arrive there is a celebration with singing, praying and love for the baby.  Their birth is celebrated even if it is a few days or weeks after they have been born.

I saw children leave with new families and again there is a celebration with singing and prayer along with some cake. Two of the children went with one family, now brother and sister for life.  How amazing is that?!

I always seem to gravitate to the older children.  I love how their characters “show” themselves as they interact with each other.  They have so much energy – as they should.  I have to say I sleep very well at night!

There is so much love given and received by children and staff alike.  You feel this when you step into New Life Homes. It is always such a positive experience.

The downside is that I’m now missing everyone! I will need to start thinking about my next trip soon!

G x

If you feel inspired by Gail’s visit to New Life and would like to make a trip yourself, do get in touch with us to find out more!

Have you been out to Kenya? If so, we’d love to share your stories and photos. Get in touch via email here.


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URGENT APPEAL: Bright eyes for baby Chloe

Baby Chloe is a beautiful little girl, nearly 18 months old.  She was rescued by New Life Home Trust when she was just 2 days old and is now a sweet, loveable, happy, and confident little girl with bright eyes and an angelic smile.

Little Chloe has been apparently healthy so far, but recently her left eye was noticed to have a yellow/white pupil reflex and, following an examination under anaesthetic here in Kenya, she was diagnosed with advanced retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina) in her left eye.  This form of cancer is rare but, if treated quickly, the survival rate is 95%.

Unfortunately, retinoblastoma is not treatable in Kenya and the Consultant Paediatric Eye Surgeon here in Kenya is urging us to take baby Chloe to the UK immediately for urgent and vital eye-saving and life-saving treatment.

We, therefore, call on all our friends around the globe to partner with us in prayer and generous giving to help fund Chloe’s treatment and travel costs.

Until Chloe sees a specialist in the UK, we will not know the full cost of the treatment.  However, we are setting an initial target of GBP 70,000 or KES 10,000,000 to get the ball rolling and Chloe airborne!

If you would like to give, you can give online via our Virgin Money Giving Chloe Appeal.

Alternatively, you can arrange a bank transfer or set up a standing order by emailing us at

Thank you so much for your support.

Please note, donations which have been given through our general Virgin Money Giving Page that are marked as ‘baby Chloe’ will go towards this appeal. The recent creation of the Chloe-specific page is to help future donors to be able to give directly towards her treatment. 

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