Fundraising Ideas

From the extreme to the downright ridiculous, we’re grateful for however you choose to fundraise for New Life Home Trust UK! However, if you’re a bit stuck for ideas, we’ve put together a list of fundraising ideas to inspire your event.

  1. Foodie Fundraising

    A food inspired fundraising event is bound to draw in plenty of people, whether you ask for donations at a regular event, or host a cake sale, food events are always popular. You could even add a competitive element for keen Bake-off fans.

    Suggestions: Afternoon tea, Ready Steady Cook, Coffee Morning, Bake-off, Come Dine with Me

  2. Intellectual

    For those that prefer a challenge, quizzes and competitions are easy to pull together and are great events for all ages. There is usually a fee for each competitor or each team, and you could provide a meal or other refreshments for an added donation. If you want to fundraise for your workplace, you could add a fundraising element to something you already do, such as through networking events.

    Suggestions: Quiz, Mastermind, Competitions, Networking

  3. Musical

    Whether you’re musically gifted or prefer to observe, music events can be great crowd-pleasers. For a bit of fun, you could host a talent show or Karaoke at a local venue, charging for participants and those coming along to watch.

    Suggestions: Battle of the Bands, Busking, Karaoke, Talent Show

  4. Leisure

    Whatever your hobby is, why not support us while doing it? You could put on a film in a local venue, this could be related to the local area, relevant to your target audience or a new release. If craft is your preferred hobby of choice, you could put on a craft event and provide materials for participants to make a particular item, such as a Christmas wreath, or why not do a craftathon and make as many items as you can in a selected amount of time?

    Suggestions: Film night, dancing competition, craft day,

  5. Sponsored Activities

    If you fancy a challenge or are a seasoned marathon runner, why not raise money in the process? You can be sponsored to do almost anything, from obstacle courses to a sponsored silences, you’re bound to be motivated once you see your sponsors building up!

    Suggestions: walks, runs, sponsored silence, marathons, obstacle course

Feeling inspired? Make sure you check out our fundraising page for everything you need to know about organising a fundraising event.

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Raise Funds for New Life this Christmas with Give as you Live

Give as you Live allows users to raise free funds for charity as they shop. With over 4,200 top stores involved, it’s easy to donate to your chosen charity as you go about your online shopping – which you might be doing a lot of around this time of year!

If you are signed up to Give as you Live, the store you choose to shop at pays a percentage of your total purchase price in commission, and from this, 50% is donated to your charity of choice.

Give as you Live is free to join and use, and offers an easy way to donate to charities at no extra cost to you.

New Life Home Trust UK is one of those charities you can support as you shop, along with national charities, local schools, churches and social groups.

You could raise from 1-10% of what you spend at your selected retailer, or it may be a fixed amount. Although it may not seem like a large amount, each time you shop the donations add up and contribute to the vital work we do.

As well as being free for you to join, Give as you Live is also free for charities to be part of, as they do not have to pay any joining or payment fees, this ensures 100% of the donation will come directly to us.

Your donations could help us to cover the costs of running our Kenyan homes providing food, clothing, medicine and all the other requirements enabling us to care for our rescued babies and children.

So why not help boost our funds this Christmas as you shop by joining Give as you Live? It’s quick and easy to sign up and doesn’t cost you a penny!

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Libby’s fundraising walk across Aberdeenshire

Earlier this year, Libby walked the furthest distance across Kenya (1,131km/703 miles) from the North East to the South East in aid of New Life Home Trust, but in Aberdeenshire.

Libby first discovered the work of New Life Home Trust seven years ago, through family friends Guy and Susanna Bastable. The couple have dedicated their lives to New life Home Trust, living and working at the Nairobi New Life Home, rescuing sick & vulnerable babies. Libby’s daughter attended the same school as the Bastable’s youngest sons, who were both originally rescued by that same New Life Home.

NLHT, Borehole, Libby, Kenya, Aberdeenshire

Libby was inspired to complete this walk and support New Life Home Trust in all the work they do. During her 703 mile walk Libby saw a beautiful variety of scenes from meadows and forests to beaches and riverbanks. She hopes to keep walking until her target of £2,000 is achieved.

A current priority at New Life Home Trust is fundraising to secure water supplies in Kenya. Although the four New Life Homes have their own boreholes, the new construction in the areas around the water tables are causing them to be disturbed and diminished. Although it would be a very expensive process, New Life Home Trust hope to deepen each borehole, in order to reach beneath the levels of disruption.

Of course, many health issues arise from unclean water in these areas, so it is vital to be able to have a pure and constant water supply in the homes of the children and sick babies. This water supply is crucial, as it is used for drinking, cooking, warming bottles of milk, washing the babies, washing nappies, washing clothes (each item is washed by hand!) and keeping the homes and vehicles clean and hygienic.

By sponsoring Libby, you can help contribute to getting a pure, constant water supply, to ensure New Life Home Trust can keep rescuing and caring for babies and children, and to help them towards a good, healthy life.

To donate to New Life Home Trust visit Libby’s fundraising page.

We love hearing fundraising stories from people in the UK who are doing amazing things to raise money for New Life. Find out how you could start your own fundraising campaign today!

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