Urgent Fundraising Appeal

We need your help to purchase hearing aids for one of our boys

 Born with a hearing impairment he now requires new hearing aids at a total cost of £995. The good news is that £768 has already been donated. Please can you help us raise the remaining £227 needed?

Read his story …

Baby David * arrived at our home in Nairobi over 17 years ago. He had been abandoned by his biological parents and was malnourished and failing to thrive. Thankfully we were able to provide him with a cot, 24-hour care, and the love that he deserved.

It became apparent very quickly that this little one was born with hearing issues. As with all children who come to New Life Home Trust, we organise any medical care that they need as well as providing them with food, clothes, and a loving home. There is no NHS in Kenya, so any medical care has to be paid for. David was assessed and hearing aids were purchased for him by New Life. This has allowed David to attend school like the other boys in our care.

David is now in high school and over 6 feet tall. He is doing well and is due to sit his final school exams in December 2022.

However, one challenge David faces is that he has outgrown his current hearing aids. The cost to replace these is £995 (KSh 150,000). We are grateful that God has supplied a couple of supporters who have donated more than three-quarters of the funds required. We now only need to raise the remaining amount of £227.

Dr. Janet Mutinda, National Director, New Life Home Trust, commented:

“David has faced many challenges whilst growing up because of his hearing impairment including teasing from his schoolmates. Through our work we are supporting him to become a confident man and see himself in the way that our Heavenly Father does – as perfect. Having new hearing aids will help him as he progresses with his studies and becomes a young man ready to face the world. ASANTE SANA (thank you so much) to all our supporters who are helping us to provide a new life for children such as David and give them all the care and love they need.”

If you can help please make a donation via one of the routes outlined here quoting the reference Hearing Aids.

One of David’s supporters, the Rev. Canon Charles Raven, shares his story and why he and his late wife, Gillian, chose to provide a Life Insurance policy to help David:

“My support for David began in 2014 when my late wife, Gillian, and I were living in Nairobi. We were good friends with the couple who, at that time, were running the New Life baby rescue centre in Nairobi, Guy and Susanna Bastable. Gillian volunteered at the centre in an admin role alongside her main work as an Environmental Educationalist.

This is how we came to meet David. We could see he was a remarkable boy and we formed a bond with him. We wanted to do something to help David as we were concerned that, because he had not been adopted, he could find himself very alone and vulnerable in early adulthood.

To support him, we decided to contribute to an ICEA Lion Life Assurance policy, organised by New Life, which would give him a substantial cash sum to help him, as an orphan, establish himself in adult life. I am really glad that he will have a financial cushion as he faces the challenges of living independently, particularly because of his significant hearing impairment.

This policy will help David in his early adult life, when he is ready to step out and leave the home. There is however an immediate need for hearing aids, which are a significant cost, but will make all the difference to David’s everyday life.

New Life is a remarkable ministry which wonderfully demonstrates the heart of God for the most vulnerable and I am deeply thankful for its work.”

*To protect the child’s anonymity, we have changed his name to David for the purposes of this article.


If this article has inspired you to make a donation you can find out how here quoting the reference Hearing Aids. Alternatively if you’d like to talk about partnership or fundraising opportunities please do contact us by email