Rebekah’s Bake Sale for New Life

Here at New Life, we love hearing stories of how our supporters in the UK have been raising funds for our vital life-saving work in Kenya. We asked Rebekah McKean to share her experience of running a fundraiser event at her school with her friend Jess:

“My name’s Rebekah McKean and I’m 16, living in Scotland.

I found out about New Life Homes from family friends. Guy and Susanna Bastable have known Clive and Mary (the founders of New Life) since the 1970s. In 2003, their daughter Lauren spent three months of her gap year volunteering and working with the babies at New Life’s Nairobi home. She fell in love with a 3-month-old baby who is now one of Guy and Susanna’s two adopted sons – Levi and Gerro. Levi was in my class at school for several years. In 2010, the family moved back to Nairobi to help out with the charity and their amazing work full time.

A friend and I decided to raise money for New Life Homes because we knew of the incredible work that the charity does, and saw firsthand the wonderful life that it could give vulnerable babies from all over Kenya. I know that Levi and Gerro wouldn’t be in the place they are today if it wasn’t for the charity. We held a small vote during the Methlick Church’s coffee afternoon because we wanted to support a charity that the community was behind. The local support for New Life Homes was evident, so much so that the votes overwhelmed those of any of the other charities we were considering.

We then decided that a bake sale at school would be the most effective fundraising method. We made several different types of cookies and cupcakes, along with a few other things. We got permission from the head teacher to set up a stand at school, during lunch. We also put up a sign outlining the work of the charity, so that people would be able to see what a worthy cause their money was going to. It was quite successful, and we raised a fair amount.

To New Life Homes: thank you for the amazing work that you do.”

Rebekah’s friend Jess also shared her experience: “We decided that the best way to reach out to people was through their stomachs! We spend several nights after school baking (and taste testing) all of our treats. For us, it was important to promote the charity to more of our young people who wanted to help other, less privileged kids. We loved holding the bake sale and we hope that the money we raised will make a difference.”

If you would like to run your own Bake Sale for New Life, we have our very own New Life Bake Sale Poster that you can download and customise for your own event date and time.