Adoption Stories – Luke

Luke with brother and sister

Hello readers my name is Luke Mwaura Askew. I am a 27 year old Kenyan/ British citizen doing my best to navigate through life whilst enjoying the company of friends and family as I go. All three names were given to me by my beloved adoption parents Ian & Jo back in 1996, (best year to be born)! 

Luke and family

“When asked by the New Life Home Trust to share my story it filled me with great joy and pride. An opportunity to thank the charity, to highlight what a great job they have done over the last 29 years and continue to do for orphaned individuals. Most importantly, how grateful I am of my parents for choosing me (must have been the wink;) as well as raising myself and my siblings, whilst providing the opportunity to chase any dream imaginable with their love, help and guidance throughout my life- Thank you!”

“New Life Home Trust will always hold a special place in my heart as this became my home due to unfortunate circumstances with my biological parents. I was gratefully adopted at the fragile age of just 3 months old therefore not remembering much before then. Although I may not have any memories as such during my stay at the home (due to my adoption age), since then I have visited on numerous occasions and can wholeheartedly say, New Life Home Trust is a place that breeds warmth, love and affection for those not so fortunate at the start of life- just like myself. 

“After being adopted by Ian and Jo we spent my whole childhood up to early teens in Kenya (home), I was given the opportunity to finish my education in the UK and pursue my lifetime hobby (sport) in a different part of the world. This led to continued studies at University in Leeds to become a qualified Physical Education Teacher. 

“As for the pandemic and world-wide school closure- I pursued an opportunity to work on Super Yachts. Not knowing how or where the time went, 3 years later I am working as a Bosun on a 45meter Yacht cruising the world. Having left Europe in January 2023, two Ocean crossings and a few passport stamps later, we finally reached New Zealand 18,000 nautical miles later!

“As you can imagine my personal feelings surrounding adoption are second to none. An option that many may not consider when focusing on expanding a family. however, it’s certainly one I have considered and I would encourage anybody to consider. Other options such as creating opportunities for parents who are unable to conceive, or the simple case of bettering an orphans life and providing a platform to allow equal opportunities and growth throughout life.

“Thanks to everyone involved in the adoption home and ongoing donations, I can honestly say amongst my siblings and others, I am extremely grateful for the ongoing hard work and dedication of New Life Home Trust rescuing and helping those in need.”

If you’d like to make a difference to the lives of abandoned babies then please consider becoming a monthly donor, your support it vital and makes a massive difference to the children rescued by New Life Homes Trust in Kenya. Read our other blog posts for me adoption stories.