Adoption Stories – Levi

Rescued by New Life Home Trust at just a few days old – Levi shares with us a few of his memories and feelings about being adopted:

” My name is Levi and I am 22 years old. I’m currently living in Scotland and training as a welder with the aim of working offshore when I am fully qualified.

“I was rescued by New Life Home Trust when I was just a few days old back in 2001. I was born in Kisumu, Kenya, nearly 6 weeks prematurely and weighing only 1.5 kilos and so required immediate care. I was initially taken to the home in Kisumu, however due to my vulnerable condition, I was moved to New Life’s home in Nairobi, where they were better equipped to care for me. This is where I met Clive and Mary Beckenham, the founders of New Life Home Trust.

baby Levi

“Being so young, I cannot remember much about those first few years living in the home in Nairobi before I was adopted. However, I’ve been told that I had a very special bond with Clive and Mary and that I was regularly at their house getting juice and biscuits!

“In 2004, when I was only three years old, God blessed me with adoptive parents, Guy and Susanna Bastable from the UK. They welcomed me into their family with loving arms and took me back to live with them and my two brothers and three sisters in the UK. In 2010, we then all moved back to Nairobi as Mum and Dad joined the team at New Life Home Trust working in the Nairobi home. Going back in 2010 was strange; it was a big culture shock adjusting to the Kenyan school system, but overall I did enjoy returning to Kenya and settled in again very quickly.


“In terms of my personal feelings about being adopted, I think because it happened when I was so young I have no real concrete memories of what life was like before that. I do sometimes think about what life might have been like had I stayed in Kenya, and I know things could have been very different for myself.

“Overall I couldn’t be happier being part of my adoptive family. As well as amazing parents, I have 2 brothers and three sisters, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. Guy and Susanna are amazing parents who have given me and continue to give me all the support, love and care I need.

“Without New Life Home Trust rescuing me when they did, my story would be very different.”

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