Climb for Life

Is Mt Kilimanjaro on your bucket list? Would you want to climb and make a significant impact in the lives of children?

In 2024 New Life Home Trust will celebrate its 30th anniversary and to help mark this milestone we are putting on our biggest fundraising event yet – to climb for life at Mt. Kilimanjaro.  From Monday 27 May – 3rd June 2024 a team of intrepid adventurers will be climbing their way up, the infamous Kilimanjaro, 19,341 feet.

The Climb

The team’s goal is to summit Uhuru Peak, which is 5,895meters/19,341 feet, following the Marangu (Coca-Cola) route. This can be done by any fit walker with no major health problems, suitably equipped. To adequately prepare for the climb, training is important and greatly increases the chances of success on the mountain.

Leading The Team

The African Frontier team will support this initiative and have many years experience leading both local and international groups up Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as hundreds of other regular hikes around East Africa. They will also facilitate the pre-climb training and offer virtual coaching to international climbers.

Fundraising Commitment

The total target is to raise at least Kshs. 6,000,000 (roughly £33,000) that will go towards the medical and other care needs of our children. Each international climber will be asked to raise Kshs. 500,000 (around £2,700). Of this Kshs. 350,000 will be given to African Frontier to cover the costs of the climb program. Each climber will get a 30-day AMREF Cover included.

If this is a challenge that you have always fancied taking on, now could be your opportunity. International climbers are being invited to sign up and join the team. With just under a year till the climb there is plenty of time to undertake all the required training and planning. 

How can you support?

There are several ways you can support this fundraising challenge without needing to climb the gruelling 19,000 ft: 

  • Make a donation to the team though any of our usual donation routes giving the reference ‘Climb Kilimanjaro’,
  • Sponsor one of our international climbers, email for more details,
  • Or If you’re up for the climb and want to join the team please email
  • Of course your prayers and words of encouragement are always welcomed

For more information please do get in touch.