Caring with Compassion and Commitment

From delivering a minibus to painting bathrooms, UK Trustees Tony and Gerry Denson update us on their latest trip to Kenya where they visited two of the New Life Home Trust homes.

“We were grateful that we were able to spend a month out in Kenya (19th October – 14th November  2023), as it gave us time to travel around and visit a couple of the homes, as well as meet with the New Life Home Trust Kenyan Board in Nairobi and help with vital renovations to the bathrooms in the Kisumu home.  On top of this we had the company of David Wright, our UK Chair, for a few days – a great opportunity for us to see the impact that our UK fundraising efforts are having and areas for future focus. 

“A highlight of the trip was delivering the new minibus to the home in Kisumu. It was wonderful to be there and officially handover the vehicle, which has been purchased through funds donated by our UK supporters. Not only did we get the benefit of travelling in it, but we got to witness the delight of children and staff when the minibus arrived. It will be a real blessing to the home.

Nakuru Home

“We spent three days at the Nakuru Home and it was wonderful to see how the home is thriving, the passion and dedication for the important work they do rescuing abandoned children was very evident. The baby unit was full and busy, and you can see that baby rescue and parent bonding is very much at the heart of the Home. While we were there the home had an open day and one of the joys of the day was meeting some of the adoptive parents.

“The home also cares for a group of older girls who have not been adopted, it was great to see them and hear how they are getting on with their school studies, as they are currently all home for the holidays. They have grown up so much since our last visit and are growing in confidence. We were delighted to be able to see the impact that New Life has had on the young adults in its care, the teams are doing a fantastic job supporting and guiding them through their education and into an independent future.  

Kisumu Home

“Similarly to Nakuru, the Kisumu home was full of healthy happy babies, and it is impressive to see the dedication and loyalty of the staff who work so hard to ensure their needs are met. Day after day we witnessed their compassion and commitment – the tender care of children when they were unwell, the patience of the housekeeper as she grated carrots, the jubilation as we celebrated one of the young adults, with additional needs, turning 20! All these speak of a deep love, respect and concern for the children which is over and above basic caregiving. 

Amani Cottage, Kisumu

“Amani Cottage is home to those children who have additional health and care needs where they receive a regular programme of physical and mental activity, sensory stimulation, music and crafts. It was particularly busy while we were visiting as all the children are back from school for the holidays. 

“During our time there we were able to help by using our knowledge of IT systems to upgrade the wifi systems, buy a new music player and transcribe all the music cds onto memory sticks to provide very convenient (and very loud) music and entertainment. We also checked, updated and replaced, where required, TVs and Ipads. We supported the purchasing of sensory toys and replaced batteries in existing toys. We were also able to supply the materials to paint the playground equipment which is easily damaged by the climate here in Kisumu. This is all thanks to donations provided by our UK supporters. 

“We had the joy of joining the children for church and Sunday school, which they attend weekly. It was wonderful to watch them joining in, especially with the singing!

Larger projects 

“We were thankful that during this trip we were in a position to help with a much-needed project to transform and adapt the Amani girls’ shower room making it disabled friendly. This involved removing a dividing wall and enlarging the door to allow easy access for wheelchairs and the hoist. The space gained also allowed room for a metal drying table. 

“Other projects we were able to help support with included; contracting and overseeing replacement of hot water system piping, and repairing playground equipment which had suffered some damage when a tree came down during a storm. 

“Although we were able to help and fund several projects there are still several large outstanding jobs that require significant funding including: a new water tower, filling in of the old septic tank, a carport to provide shading to protect the new minibus, and industrial washing machines for all the homes. The current washing machines are not fit for purpose and broke down several times while we were there. We hope that we can help to raise funds for some of these projects during the next year.

“During our time we were blessed and humbled again by the work of so many at New Life. It was a privilege to witness their compassion and faithfulness to the mission to rescue, care and place abandoned babies and children in Kenya.”

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