Fundraising focus for 2022 

A new Minibus for our Kisumu Home 

This year we are asking for your support in fundraising nearly £30,000 for a new minibus for our Amani Cottage home in Kisumu. Amani cottage is in desperate need a new minibus which can meet the transport needs of those children living there who all have complex additional and physical needs. 

Amani Cottage is home to 15 children, with 8 of them being wheelchair users. Transporting them to and from school, for hospital visits and to other social spaces for their general wellbeing is a necessity.

A pressing need

New transport has become a pressing need for the home. The current minibus is over 20 years old, and constantly requires expensive repairs and ongoing maintenance. It is no longer suitable and does not meet the needs of those children in the home. As the children are growing it is becoming harder for the staff to manually lift them into the minibus and we are unable to fit special seats to support those who need them. 

What is required

A new vehicle is needed that will meet the needs of our children – wheelchair accessible, can assist with the lifting and moving of the children and seat them safely. 

Purchasing a brand-new vehicle over a second-hand one is desirable. A new minibus will provide newer technology and fuel efficiency, saving costs in the long run. The options for customisations are endless, maintenance costs will be less with warranties that will relieve the stress associated with maintenance issues often associated with a second-hand vehicle, particular in Kenya where there are not the same standards of upkeep required.

A new minibus with larger capacity would be best suited for this unit as it will serve these children for a longer period. 

The ask

The cost of purchasing a new minibus that will meet these requirements is 4.1million Kenyan Shillings or to us £28,276.

The dream minibus

Get Fundraising

Please join us during 2022 in fundraising a new minibus is vital and will transform the lives of those living and working at the home. 

There are lots of simple things you can do to fundraise such as joining the 22 in 22 challenge, entering a running or cycling race, holding a bake sale or selling your unwanted books, clothes, toys and furniture. For ideas and fundraising tips please read our blog. If you would like any support, please get in contact by emailing