An Update from Kenya

New Life Home Trust

We know you’re excited to hear about all the exciting work going on over in Kenya, so we’ve outlined some of the amazing things your donations have contributed towards in May 2017!

Baby Rescue in Nyeri

This May, 8 babies, all below 4-months old were rescued and taken to the New Life Home Trust baby home in Nyeri. All of the babies are doing well and are healthy. The home is currently operating at full capacity with 6 girls and 18 boys, all bringing lots of joy to the home, staff and visiting volunteers.

New Staff

9 new members of staff were appointed this May to help care for children in the Nyeri home. We’re really thankful to all of our staff over in Kenya who support the babies with so much love, care and attention.

A Story of Hope

This month, one of our beautiful baby girls was re-united with her biological mother. Whilst New Life Home Trust were sad to see her go, we know that at home with family is the best place to be, which we hope will become a reality for all of the children under our care.