New quarantine unit open for business

Update from Dr. Janet Mutinda, National Director NLHT Kenya

Good news!!!

We recently set up one wing in our Kisumu home as a quarantine unit for current rescued children. We have two babies there who are doing well.

We have now set a up further unit at our home in Nairobi and last week we rescued a further 5 babies who took up residence in the unit! Four of these children had been held in one of our hospitals for the past few months, because many homes are not willing to take in the children for fear of the Covid-19 virus and also due to strained capacities and resources.

The 5th baby is a newborn who was found abandoned right after birth (her umbilical cord was still intact. God preserved her life and now she has “New Life” We had the little one admitted overnight at a local hospital and one of our team members watched over her there until our quarantine unit was ready the following day.

Setting up and staffing the unit

Our quarantine unit in Nairobi opened on 28 May and 3 of our staff have volunteered to be “locked-in” for 14 days with the 5 babies. We will run the Covid-19 tests for both the children and staff at the end of that time. These tests are still expensive here but we hope to find a partner to facilitate these. If the results of the test are negative, the children will be moved to our main home. If positive for the virus, they will remain in quarantine until they are cleared. Please pray for our team members who have sacrificed to be away from their own families for this time.

We are using the Ark House as our quarantine unit. We borrowed some beds and used some portable baby cots to get the unit going. One child gave a substantial gift to help us set up for the staff – the beds are however still being made but the rescue work must continue 🙂

All in all, we are grateful to be about our Father’s business in caring for the ” very least of these” his precious children. Thank you all for making this happen – we deeply appreciate your love, support and prayers.

If you would like to help us care for these children and others that we rescue view our pages on how you can get involved.