The story of a rescued baby

When a rescued baby is brought to New Life Home, there is great rejoicing!

Even before the child is carried through the doorway, a thrill of excitement ripples through the home as staff and volunteers begin to throng around the blessed baby in an expression of celebration!

In the reception, the baby is truly welcomed. Songs, prayers, and words of encouragement are shared, and the baby is named.

Assessment by medical professionals

The new little bundle is taken by the nurse into the isolation room. A number of these babies  have been rescued from unsafe environments where and may have been exposed to potentially harmful pathogens. It is vital that the tiny treasure is carefully unwrapped, bathed, weighed, and inspected by the nurse. 

The nurse reads through the baby’s history to ascertain whether the doctor needs to begin any prophylactic antibiotics. Some urgent interventions are required at this stage such as intravenous fluids and oxygen. The nurse will also test to see if the child has been exposed to HIV.

All babies under 2,500 grams are placed in an incubator and may be given phototherapy if they are jaundiced. Some of the smallest babies will need to be tube fed by the nurse every 3 hours to ensure they gain weight. While this is happening other members of staff will pop their heads in to say, ‘Karibu Mtoto’ (Welcome, Little One).

The care has just begun. There is much to be discovered but one thing is certain, this new baby is safe and loved and it is thanks to regular donations, that we are able to provide such a high standard of care to these little beauties. 

The journey to being placed in a family has begun!

Could you become one of our regular donors and give £10 a month to help us provide the care and love, these babies deserve?