Welcomed with open arms

This summer, Abi, Niamh and Kelly visited three of the New Life Homes in Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru. Here they share stories from their trip:

The moment we walked through the gates in Nairobi it felt as if we were home, we were welcomed with such open arms. We visited the toddlers who couldn’t get enough of our hugs!

We then moved on to Kisumu where we were again welcomed warmly by the staff and children. We went swimming with the children and took them to the Impala Park and Hippo Point Boat Ride where we had so much fun! As much as we enjoyed our trips, we also loved spending time at the home, where we played in the garden and had some amazing conversations with both the children and staff.

One of our favourite moments was seeing the relationship between the children, although they are not related through blood, they are all part of the same family – God’s family. Every night, the children gathered together to sing worship songs and pray, and we loved experiencing that honest, God-given joy.

In Nakuru, we spent time with the older girls and the cutest babies! We loved getting our share of baby hugs and feeds each day. We enjoyed getting to know the older girls too, we spoke about our different cultures, languages, hair and much more! We spent some time baking with them and taught them some new styles of friendship bracelets. We also went on safari with the girls – it was incredible! We saw so many animals – lions, rhinos, giraffes and much more!

We then went back to Nairobi to finish off our trip. We loved spending time with the babies and toddlers, as well as sharing stories from our trip with the staff.


We had the most amazing time getting to know the children and staff, as well as experiencing a whole new culture, as it was our first time in Africa.

Overall, our trip to Africa was absolutely amazing! We learned so much about ourselves, made some lifelong friends and met with God in a new way.

Asante Sana (thank you so much)!
Abi, Niamh and Kelly


If you feel inspired by Abi, Niamh and Kelly’s visit to New Life and would like to make a trip yourself, do get in touch with us to find out more!

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