How do you define family?

New Life Home Trust

“What happens when a rescued infant isn’t adopted?”

Sometimes the answer is complicated: some children are fostered by local families, some are adopted later on, and some are not, because the transition would be too stressful. But sometimes the answer is simple: life happens.

The girls at our Carmel House were rescued as infants and have become “family” to one another, growing up together in a family environment since “graduation” to the house at around 5 years of age.

Carmel girls, many of whom attend boarding school, are quite active in their involvement at home, while also engaging in local activities. Each week the girls have one-hour life skills sessions discussing topics such as respect, the value of education, spiritual development, basic etiquette, etc.

Though the definition of family may look very different for our older children than what culture defines, the girls are in a stable, loving environment where they are growing into young adults who love, and laugh, and enjoy giving back.

And all of this because people like you support our work and help us continue to rescue and provide new life to abandoned infants. Thank you for being a part of the New Life family!